ETMarkets Investors’ Guide: UTI MF’s Srivatsa on how manage biases and invest at market highs | The Economic Times Markets Podcast

ETMarkets Investors' Guide: UTI MF's Srivatsa on how manage biases and invest at market highs | The Economic Times Markets Podcast

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Welcome to ETMarkets’ Investor’s Guide, a show about asset classes, market trends and investment opportunities. This is Atul PM.

After the post-Budget stocks rally took the benchmark indices to their lifetime highs, some investors are pondering if market valuations have become overstretched. Given the record high equity valuations, there is an understandable nervousness among investors. Should they remain invested in the market or should they book profit and keep some powder dry for an imminent correction?

ETMarkets’ Chiranjivi Chakraborty caught up with V. Srivatsa, executive vice president and fund manager at UTI Mutual Fund to seek answers.

Srivatsa not only gave his insight on what to do in this market, but also suggested ways to tackle the emotional biases in investing and shared his top investment ideas for Calendar 2021. Listen in!

Hi Mr. Srivatsa, welcome to the show!

We are at record high levels in the equity market. Are you a bit concerned that these gains may have come too quickly and too soon?
At such levels, investors tend to become quite nervous about whether to stay in the market or book profits. What will be your advise? And, how do you look at investing when there is such exuberance in the market?
Emotions are the biggest nemesis of an equity investor. Can you tell our listeners how you deal with your emotions during decision-making and share an instance where your emotions got in between your decision-making?
Having you with us, I can’t let you go without sharing your top investment ideas currently?
Thank you Chiranjivi and Mr. Srivatsa!

That’s it in this week’s edition of the special weekend podcast. Do come back next Saturday for this weekly special. You can check out our regular podcasts on the equity market twice every weekday

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