Mavens Talk: Prashant Jain I Shankar Sharma I Nilesh Shah

Mavens Talk: Prashant Jain I Shankar Sharma I Nilesh Shah

Prashant Jain


I started my career when the index was at 3,000. Today it touched 50,000 but the question on whether this is the right time to invest has stayed the same. Equity investing is about patience because short-term is always uncertain. Will the markets correct from here? They certainly could. But over time equities should outperform bonds in my judgement

Nilesh Shah
MD, Kotak Mutual Fund

Investors could expect equity returns in line with nominal GDP growth, which could be in early doubledigits. At this point, one should avoid leveraged trades. Investors could have equal-weight allocation on equities because valuations are a little expensive.

Shankar Sharma
Vice-Chairman, First Global

There is a lot of headroom for returns to go up. We may see substantially higher returns in 2-3 years and mid-teen returns annually on a compounded basis. In India, there is a larger force at play. The US dollar has been weakening, leading to more flows into emerging markets. Overall EMs will do very well, and India will also do very well

Samir Arora
Founder, Helios Capital

With the antidollar trade, current market sentiment is extremely bullish as global liquidity is continuing to be in favour of emerging markets, especially for Indian stocks. If earnings surprises continue, then we could see more such milestones in the coming months. However, some of Biden’s policies could be negative for the markets

Raamdeo Agrawal
Chairman, Motilal Oswal Financial Services

We are in a great bull market and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sensex surpasses 1,00,000 in the next five years. But the pace of the bull run depends on the government’s reforms, earnings growth and liquidity. However, there may be some correction in the short term

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