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20 of analysts’ favorite large-cap stocks for 2021, including GM, Facebook and Salesforce

From MarketWatch:

This man became financially independent at 36 and says the key to happiness is ‘owning your own time’: Chad invests in the real estate and stock markets, while spending his free time doing what he loves.

The problems of today’s nursing homes can be traced back hundreds of years: How they evolved into what they are today: Nursing homes have been a source of tension for some families in the middle of this pandemic. Here’s how they came to be.

A new law would require employees to save for retirement: Auto-enrollment is not a new concept, but mandating it across the country would be — and it could help Americans’ retirement security.

Also on MarketWatch:

I’m financially independent at age 33 — now what?

Are annuities a good deal?

He dropped out of school. Now he’s 39 and financially independent.

Boomers post-COVID: You can take this job and…you know

Watch out: Cyber crooks could worm their way into your retirement accounts

Airbnb executive and ‘modern elder’ Chip Conley’s pitch to reinvent retirement living

Get triple the tax benefits with an HSA, and find an affordable health plan while you’re at it

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Research and Insight:

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