The Best Finance Apps of 2021 | The Simple Dollar

The Best Finance Apps of 2021 | The Simple Dollar

Delivering personal finance solutions and advice since 2006, The Simple Dollar is back with our annual awards for 2021. Here are our top picks for the best finance apps for the new year. 

Best Banking App: Revolut

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Revolut does everything you’d expect of a banking app: set monthly budgets, categorize your spending, send money instantly for free and round up on savings amounts. Revolt’s app lets you add and hold several types of currencies, take part in crypto trading, use disposable virtual cards or complete international transfers with no fee. Those features set it apart from the competition and make Revolt one of the best banking apps around.

Best Money Transfer App: Transferwise

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There are no borders in today’s world — and TransferWise knows it. This money transfer app is the top way to send money and receive money to and from friends, family and coworkers who are living abroad. Your TransferWise account comes with a free debit card, which can be loaded with cash prior to traveling. You can convert that cash to the currency you need at a super low rate — and that debit card will work as it should when you’re traveling to other countries. 

Best Investing App: Webull

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Where other trading apps have failed, Webull has excelled. Webull is a slick, easy-to-navigate app geared toward casual investors. This commission-free platform gives you an easy way to keep an eye on the market and the stocks in your portfolio, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned investing professional. The interface is simple to learn, whether it’s on desktop or mobile, and there are tons of tools available for traders, too. 

Best Budgeting App: PocketGuard

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Budgeting can be tough, but PocketGuard makes it easy to navigate. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it simple to conquer the process of setting up a budget. You’ll get plenty of other app perks, too, like a broad overview of your finances, categorized spending information, the ability to keep track of cash transactions and other useful tools.

Best Personal Finance App for Families: Goodbudget

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When it comes to managing family finances, you really can’t beat the Goodbudget app. This app is easy to use and sync with other family members, and it offers a hand-on approach to budgeting that lets you get everyone in your household involved. But what truly excels about this app is the envelope feature, which lets you adjust your spending allowances as you see fit. 

Best Budgeting App for Couples: Honeydue

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Sorting out your finances as a couple can be a headache, but Honeydue simplifies that process and makes it — dare we say — pleasant to track your spending. This app lets both partners track balances and activity for each of their accounts and will categorize your spending so you can keep an eye on your habits. There are tons of other useful features, too, like bill reminders and notifications, so you never miss a payment.

Best App for Tackling Debt: You Need a Budget

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There are plenty of apps out there that promise to help you tackle debt, but none of them are as user-friendly as YNAB. This app gives every dollar you are projected to earn a “job,” so you know exactly where your money is going. The app’s tutorials can help you learn to manage debt or meet other goals, and your newfound accountability will help keep you from going back into debt again. 

Best App for Wealth Building: Personal Capital

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Personal Capital is unlike most other personal finance apps. This app has two purposes: to offer personal finance tools and help you build wealth through investment. It stores credit card and banking information to keep you on budget, but also gives you tools to put your money to work, including portfolio analysis and net worth insights. Use it right and you’ll be on your way to building wealth in no time.

Best Automated Budgeting App: Albert

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If you’re looking for a budgeting app that won’t require you to do the heavy lifting, Albert is the answer. This app makes it simple to automate budgeting and saving. Think of it as a concierge for your finances. You give it the basic information it needs and the app takes care of the rest. You’ll get access to features like automatic savings, instant cash advances and cash bonuses, as well as a micro-investment account option, too. It can even negotiate your bills for you. 


To determine the winners of the first annual The Simple Dollar Awards, our editorial team researched every major brand and option in every category and ranked them based on the following traits:

  1. Affordability – We looked for the most cost-effective solutions on the market. That doesn’t always translate into the absolute cheapest, but takes into consideration how much bang you’re getting for your buck.
  2. Trustworthiness – We compared customer satisfaction scores wherever we could find them, including Trustpilot.
  3. Innovation – We prioritized products and services with one-of-a-kind features that separated them from the field.

For more details on The Simple Dollar Awards, contact Ivey O’Neal at

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