Uber and Lyft push Biden team for role in COVID-19 vaccine rollout, seek early access to doses for drivers

Gig workers are still eligible for unemployment benefits under the new stimulus package — but they need to provide proof of earnings

Ride-sharing giants Lyft Inc.

and Uber Technologies Inc.

are lobbying the incoming Biden administration for a role in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, offering to help get more Americans inoculated while seeking early access to doses for drivers.

Lyft executives met with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team in December, making the case for the incoming administration to allocate federal funds for vaccine-related transportation, said Megan Callahan, who leads Lyft’s health-care business, a large provider of nonemergency medical transportation. Lyft officials shared their analysis of public data with the Biden team on the millions of at-risk people who lack health-care transportation benefits or have limited public transportation due to coronavirus, she said.

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